28 May 2019 | Bern, Switzerland

Pitching Battle

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Presenting Companies

Infusion therapy is one of the top technology hazards in healthcare, but has seen little innovation in the last 20 years. 1nfusion finally takes this field into the 21st century by introducing real-time flow sensing. Less distractions, more portable and easier to use devices, and reduced total cost of ownership will support our vision: In 10 years, no patient will be harmed due to a preventable infusion error.
advaisor AG is an ETH spin-off using Artificial Intelligence to measure and improve digital collaboration. The advaisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook helps individuals to communicate better in the workplace and to improve the customer experience.
Leocode is a software house that creates digital innovations for corporations and startups. We are owner of a startup Advisero - AI/ML bots for the customer support.
AgroSustain is a Swiss based startup active in the field of Agriculture technologies. We are aiming to reduce food wastage by developing and bringing to market efficient natural treatments against molds
A traveler needs to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we say the best place to taste authentic local food is in the local restaurants. Within a vacations destination, we carefully source the best locations, value, authentic local meal options, in top local restaurants and integrate them in Custom Dining Solutions for Hotels and Dining Packages that scale for Tour Operators.
Annaida has developed a groundbreaking device that performs microscopic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (“μNMR”) at a scale of a single human embryo, only 100 micrometers, 10-fold smaller than what is possible with existing technologies. The device can be applied to embryos fertilized in vitro to analyse, label free, biomarkers linked to their health and viability. It can also be used on stem cell microtissues/organoids, which are redefining drug development and personalized medicine. Finally, it can enable new discoveries in biochemical research. Our device has been used to detect endogenous compounds in microorganisms as small and even smaller than a human embryo, showing the ability to distinguish between apparently identical entities. More recently it has demonstrated its capabilities even on stem cell embryoids.
Biomedical startup developing innovative devices in the cardiovascular field.
Refugees arriving in many countries in Europe are denied access to basic financial services traditionally provided by banks due to their inability to provide official proof of residence or ID. With our software, we enable NGOs to provide peer-to-peer financial services to refugees without requiring partnerships with financial institutions or navigating of cumbersome regulatory landscapes
Archon Technologies combines the field of autonomous robotics (drones and rovers) technology to that of artificial intelligence, with the aim of providing a more efficient, fully automatized set of services, capable of substituting a large part of operations performed today by skilled workers in Industrial Sites of dangerous accessibility
Today the best option to treat stroke consists in employing the patient vascular system as an access route to deliver a treatment in the brain. Although 410’000 such procedures are carried out every year, current interventional devices do not provide sufficient control to the surgeon resulting in increased risk of complications, increased costs and increased surgery duration. We developed a micro-actuated device allowing to treat vascular diseases with unprecedented accuracy, effectiveness and safety. www.artiria-medical.com
Predictive analytics firm. Value proposition for the L&H Insurance companies.
ATLANT United Kingdom
ATLANT is a Digital Securities Platform - listing of digital shares & debentures and their liquid secondary trading in a transparent and orderly market with price discovery. Optimized post-trade, including automatic clearing, settlement and instantaneous reconciliation procedures, reducing costs of traditional exchanges up to 90%.
Axyon AI leverages the most recent advancements in deep learning to create bespoke business applications for capital markets and asset management.
BEO Therapeutics strives to develop oral treatments to fight hyperuricemia by modulating the gut microbiome. 57 mio people in the Western world suffers from hyperuricemia that leads to serious diseases such as gout. Treatment of hyperuricemia is +2 billion CHF business with an estimated CAGR of 16%. Supplementation with live microbial strains is a novel approach to treat hyperuricemia by modulating the synergy between the microbiome and the gastrointestinal system. The business model is attractive with fast track to value generation via multiple exit opportunities within 2-4 years. Exit will be via licensing or co-development with partner in food or drug space. The fast exit is enabled by an innovative combination of the food-supplement development path with pharmaceutical drug development approaches. The product can be commercialized in multiple segments food-supplement, medical food or drug. This markedly reduces the development risk.
** the optical revolution in hypertension management ** We want to attack the global hypertension epidemic by offering anytime/anywhere access to medical grade blood pressure management. We leverage our breakthrough optical sensing technology to enable ubiquitous, accurate, and simple measurement and analysis through smart device applications and other distributed technologies.
BlockState, a Swiss based SRO regulated financial intermediary, is providing a modular securitization and tokenization infrastructure to enable small and medium sized enterprises(SME)acrossEurope access to capital markets.We are providing SMEs with a holistic solution to raise capital and manage shareholders(corporate actions, ie.dividend payments, voting,...).BlockState’s industry-grade, customizable and modular toolbox provides an end-to-end legal and technology stack connected to financial institutions (corporate-, private-and retail banks) as well as other partners such as KYC providers, custodians, primary and secondary markets and professional services.
Bloom efficiently converts vegetation to high-value chemicals. With the first industrial process to fully upgrade byproducts from the agriculture or forest industry, Bloom sets new standards in the field of molecule biosourcing. The market of our natural products, which meet global demands for bio-based solutions in food, cosmetics and fragrances, is estimated to exceed CHF 100 million.
BrainControl is a breakthrough technology device that gives disabled people the power to control objects with their minds. It is base on a proprietary framework based on Artificial Intelligence for human-machine interaction.
ChemICare has patented new small molecules able to modulate calcium ions uptake in cellular processes. Calcium overload is the key trigger in a cluster of diseases, including Acute Pancreatitis. All the preclinical data obtained demonstrate that our drug candidate represents a breakthrough innovation in the field. We are now completing the preclinical regulatory dossier, which will pave the way for the clinical trials and lead to an out-license agreement to a pharma company. The revenues will be reinvested to the development for other therapeutic indications associated with calcium overload.
Code Lane is a fast-growing, Zurich-based startup, working on exciting AI products and services. Our two main focus areas are (1) digital 3D avatars that will replace text-only/speech-only assistants by giving them a face, (2) machine learning and understanding for video applications. Started in 2017 as a service company, we are now shifting our focus towards a product company with our “Digital Human Platform”. Today, digital channels have become the most popular routes for interaction between customers and their suppliers (51%). In this wake, novel interaction methods like text- or audio-based intelligent virtual assistants have become very popular, which can be very attractive to businesses considering the potential cost-savings in customer care. However, virtual assistants often fail to convince, due to the lack of the emotional component (text and audio can only convey so much), as well as due to the lack of visual support. Code Lane is developing a break-through solution in this area. The Digital Human Platform is a platform for the easy development and fast deployment of emotion-powered 3D avatars. Our platform is able to create realistic 3D avatars, that feel like interacting with a real person, by creating believable automatic lip sync, facial expressions, eye contact, and body attitude from text only. Furthermore, our approach is device-agnostic and can be smoothly deployed in any device, from powerful laptops to low-end smartphones, and can be integrated easily with existing chat-bot builders and business intelligence platforms. Our paying pilot customers currently come from the banking sector, but we see even more potential in e-health applications in health-care and wellbeing, as well as in eLearning. Moreover, our platform has the potential to become the main AR/VR user interface of the future, because no interface feels more natural than talking to another person. Code Lane was founded in 2017 by three computer graphics and computer vision Ph.D.’s and former researchers at the The Walt Disney Company’ research laboratory in Zurich. Code Lane is completely self-funded, and is composed of 7 full-time experts in computer science, 3D computer graphics as well as computer vision. We’re now looking for an early stage investment round to scale our platform faster.
AUTHENTICITY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY collectID safeguards consumers from accidentally buying fakes and gives them the possibility to collect their beloved items and trade them easily with the smartphone. collectID helps Brands to guarantee the authenticity of their products at any time by creating a digital twin of the products on the blockchain. Through a transparent and immutable history of every product, valuable first-party data about the owners are gained. Additionally, Brands create a unique and continuous communication channel based on their products. In other words: they turn their products into a communication channel. We therefore equip products with collectID NFC tags, which give each product an individual DNA. Combined with the immutability of blockchain, the collectID ecosystem is a truly secure solution.
Collective equity ownership was born in order to solve some of the founder’s most important problems. First of all, shareholders are asset rich but also cash poor. Secondly, founders have all their eggs in one basket. Finally, in the unfortunate event of the company failing, the founders would lose everything. CEO solves those problems. In fact, it is the first fund in the UK that allows shareholders of late-stage companies to pull their shares together without giving up ownership. This gives them access to cash up front, to the support of an extensive network, and to the diversification of equity with other successful companies.
core-chain Switzerland
your strategic digital transformation partner We put core business functions on the blockchain - board meeting decisions, audit proof storage of receipts including digital signatures, Tracking, task management and automated fee settlements of employees and freelance workers and more - to streamline digital transformation. Our mission is to help organizations leverage distributed systems at scale, while maintaining centralized control critical to executive leadership. As the world becomes more decentralized, particularly in light of coronavirus, core-chain is your strategic digital transformation partner.
Corion Biotech is a small biotech company with a specific focus on innovative therapeutic solutions based on human placenta cells
CyanoGuard provides the best available solutions for safe and efficient cyanide monitoring for water safety, environmental control and industrial process control.Early users in mining rely on our amazingly simple to use as well as cost effective technology to boost process performance, minimize operating costs and improve safety.
At Cynomys we believe that we are what we breathe, and protecting our environment through the smart use of technology is our drive. To tackle the challenges of one of today’s most critical industries, animal farming, we developed Farmbeat: the only integrated, self-contained IoT solution for sustainable farming and animal welfare. Farmbeat enhances the overall health and productivity of the farm by monitoring the quality of the air the animals breathe. Our device is developed and assembled in Italy. Through our cloud platform it allows to monitor over 20 environmental parameters, energy consumption, water quality and therefore the welfare of farmed animals. Farmbeat is suitable to all farms, needs no structural changes and can be integrated with the automation systems already present in the premises to get maximum benefit. On the market since early 2018, customers in Italy, France and Spain are already benefitting from its insights.
Dattor is a data compliance firewall. It transforms all Enterprise Software (such as Salesforce, SAP and SharePoint) to be Compliant by Design to the enterprise's Data Policy, including privacy regulations (like GDPR and CCPA), information security standards (like PCI DSS and ISO 27001) and custom policies. This allows employees to work seamlessly with any software interface without the fear of breaching data governance compliance. Currently, all Enterprise Software compliance is done separately and manually. Since the data policies are very complex and extensive enforcing them requires large skillful personnel and expenses. This makes this process expensive, tedious and prone to mistakes which results in legal charges followed by heavy fines. Dattor is the only automated data policy enforcer in the market today.
Right now the world faces a plastic crisis, PET plastic is in our oceans, landfills and even in marine animals. Of the 20 million tonnes of PET plastic that we produce annually, only 9 % is recycled, with the vast majority accumulating in our landfills and natural environment. While there currently are methods to recycle PET plastic, in practice many containers don't get recycled due to chemical or food contaminates, or because the plastic is composed of different additives or dyes. We have developed a method to close the loop on PET plastic recycling by chemically recycling PET back to its main components, which can be sold back to companies who produce virgin PET plastic. This means that we can create a circular economy in which we can lower our energy consumption for recycling by 66%, and save over 7000 liters of gasoline per ton of PET plastic. Our aim at DePoly is to fight the plastic crisis head on, and create a cleaner world.
At Dicronis GmbH (ETH Spin-off), we engage in the development of next-generation diagnostic products based on microarray patches-based technologies, for diseases with high unmet medical need. The first product in the pipeline, Lymphit, focuses on the early diagnosis of secondary Lymphedema.
Digital Fingerprints provides continuous authentication based on behavioural biometrics. We solve the problem of gatekeeper with privacy in mind. Our solution is contextless, based on Artificial Intelligence and swift in response. Credentials, tokens and other methods of logging in to systems are inconvenient and prone to attacks such as session hijack or account & credential stealing. We continuously check the behaviour of a user to react in case of fraudulent activity. From the customers perspective, our solution provides an invisible multi-factor authentication method that protects them during the whole session. We look at how you do things not what you do. Our solution is compliant with GDPR and PSD2 regulations. We adapt to changes in user behaviour. Quality of models is configurable depending on the risk model. Time to score is meagre because of stream processing. Just be yourself and protect your accounts with Digital Fingerprints.
EcoSteer converts “things” into tokenizable data streams. It supports a new, Data Sharing Economy, enabling Smart Cities scenarios where citizens, corporations and institutions can easily share and monetize their data in full compliance with GDPR.
EH Group is focused on becoming a leading global supplier of compact,lightweight and cheap hydrogen fuel cells for a de-carbonised future.
ELDICO Scientific - The Electron Diffraction Company - is a Swiss deep-tech hardware company founded 2019 and is located in Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), one of the world's leading research centers for natural and engineering sciences. ELDICO develops, produces and sells electron diffractometers for the analysis of solid compounds enabling industrial and scientific researchers to characterise hitherto unmeasurable nano-crystalline systems. The proof of concept was achieved in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) on scientifically and industrially relevant samples. Results published recently (Angewandte Chemie, International Edition) gained significant attention and were nominated for "Breakthrough of the Year 2018" by SCIENCE.
We are developing the next generation batteries which have high energy density, charge in seconds, have a long lifetime and moreover, are environmentally friendly and safe.
We provide a pure data-driven Netflix-like recommender system for banks to better engage with their clients and improve business results
Expansio has created a mobile educational game for corporations. It is used to educate the employees, prepare to workplace, integrate the employees and build brand attachment. Enter the game changes traditional training and workshops into an engaging mobile game, in which they become the CEOs of the company in which they normally work.
Family Finances is a fintech startup offering digital youth banking solutions for financial institutions, including comprehensive, end-to-end research-design-implementation services and off-the-shelf, easy-to-implement boxed solutions that are all design-driven, research-based and mobile-first.
Fennech Financial Ltd is a B2B Fintech. We have built a platform that supports end to end “digitalisation of the finance function”. We use self executable Digital Contracts (outside of blockchain), Machine Learning and predictive AI to support CFOs in the true end to end digitalisation of their world, ie data capture, real-time automation, advanced and predictive analytics. We revolutionise the way Treasury, Finance Ops, Controlling, Managerial Accounting, or Regulatory and Compliance are done within large multinational Corporates and Financial Institutions.
We transform mineral waste into high-performance insulation panels for the building industry.
Technology for recruitment and creating efficient corporative job boards.
FLEEP is among the few actors worldwide capable of the fabrication of flexible integrated circuits. FLEEP decided to employ only printing techniques, making the final product cheaper, and use only polymeric materials, making our integrated circuits recyclable. Being able to print intelligence, FLEEP is the missing link in the printed electronics industry to merge all the printed devices that are present today on the market but still need standard silicon electronics.
We are a fitness-tech company that provides a virtual audio personal trainer powered by data science and music. We provide trainer led classes and programs curated with music for the gym , outdoors or at home. Our mission is to democratise access to personal training for everyone and make working out fun.
FoodHacking Scan a food product to find out all its secrets in a simple rating. Food is the most natural means for biohacking - the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you to energize, harmonize and enhance the body. Based on Foodgroot's technology.
<<The Google Analytics for the physical World>> <<Location Intelligence>> We help physical businesses optimize their outcomes through data insights. International team based in Zurich; spinoff from a successful Mobile advertising startup with 100+ blue chip customers. see: www.adello.com Venture competition finalists.
Interactive software for designing worldwide linear infrastructures like power lines, underground cables, pipelines, rail, raods, etc... powered by an optimization engine that leverages smart algorithms which help plan projects faster and in a more social acceptable way using 3D visuals.
Ginger Diamonds TM is a completely unique alternative to sweets. It is based on pure and fresh ginger root and has a lot of interesting properties without any chemicals, preservatives or colouring. It is crunchy, spicy, refreshing, natural, vegan, gluten free, low calories, it kills the foul breath and, not only is it healthy and delicious, but easy to carry around in a very attractive packaging.
Growcer is a technology suite for robotic urban farming. We use advanced robotics & AI to go from seed to ready for sale product without any manual labor. Capable to grow year-round under stable conditions, Growcer farms save water, CO2 and do not require the usage of pesticides.
Healios Switzerland
Healios is a digital health innovator in neuroscience. We are the recipient of the largest Innosuisse grant in 2018 and subsequent EU research grant in 2019. We successfully completed a pre-seed round in Q3 2019, and also secured high profile partnership with Basel university hospital and Basel-based global pharma companies to develop the 1st digital biomarkers in multiple sclerosis. We are looking to complete our pre-series "A" funding round in Q2 2020 (current round is led by Zülhke Ventures).
Analytical tools that enable significantly faster & convenient pharma research and manufacturing.
hiLyte LLC is developing and commercializing innovative energy solutions for off-grid applications in emerging markets
We give a second life to analog photo cameras.
Indigo AI is an artificial intelligence platform that uses chatbot & machine learning to automate conversations between people and businesses.
Inspire is an engineering startup and a University of Genoa spin-off founded in mid 2017. The Inspire team includes entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and professors with huge experience in the areas of modern control systems, microelectronics, information technology and telecommunications. Inspire patented and developed M.A.R.S. (Multiple Airdrones Response System) a revolutionary platform that converts drones into true autonomous systems. Based on market needs M.A.R.S. platform overcomes current drones limitation about flight autonomy and payload, enabling the Continuity of Service for virtually never-ending missions. The M.A.R.S. platform operates autonomously h24 in scheduled or on-demand missions, powered by proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms and multi innovative robotic solutions. Flexible, scalable and suitable for all scenarios, M.A.R.S. is the ideal solution for organizations looking for real autonomous drone systems. See product video at the following link: https://vimeo.com/338762021
iWin is a startup project of SUPSI, and has emerged from the firm conviction that the building skin is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, global warming and the energy transition. A façade is no longer only a passive element ensuring waterproofing, insulation and ventilation, but also an active surface, able to produce renewable energy to reach the nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) premises. We are a multidisciplinary team coming both from research and construction sectors knowing very well the building façade market thanks to our collaboration with Pellini_industrie. We patented an innovative window solution to integrate flexible thin film photovoltaic cells into windows blinds that are integrated inside an insulating window that ensures total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions thus almost no maintenance is required. iWin has reached the Proof of concept phase and we are starting the manufacturing of large size prototype to be validated in pilot project.
There is a growing void in the use of data-driven technology between the production and home distribution phases of the film and high budget TV fiction industry. Producers have continued to rely on a traditional approach while platforms like Netflix have revolutionized distribution with data-driven technology. While Netflix creates best content with data-driven approach, other producers have a great lack of technology and data, which increases their risks for the return of investments. We make the data-driven movie-making accessible to the market through our high level film understanding technologies. Largo has developed data-driven intelligence, which can be introduced much earlier in the life of a film project, right from script choice and development, through filming, post-production and theatrical release. Largo empowers production companies with data-enhanced ROI uplift and reduction of risk.
Beyond the 5G hype: we believe that there will never be a Real Smart City without an underlying energy saving, pervasive mobile broadband network infrastructure to support mobility and bandwidth intensive applications (autonomous vehicles, HD video...). 5G technology and cost will not allow for advanced smart city services. 5G will not even solve the capacity bottleneck of mobile operators. Ledcom's CellLED 6G solution utilizes advanced LED drivers, which are everywhere (lamp-posts, bus shelters, shop signage...) to create a micro-cell mobile network. CellLED ultra-efficient LED driver is offered to municipalities and LED signage owners at no cost, they save energy and generate royalties as we rent the driver-based carrier-grade mobile network to MNOs and MVNOs to off-load their traffic. Off-loading cellular traffic onto a wi-fi network is already an existing killer application every mobile carrier is in desperate need of, especially MVNOs. In addition to providing a common micro cell pervasive 6G network for all mobile carriers, saving energy and creating a REAL smart city infrastructure at a fraction of 5G cost, CellLED reduces electromagnetic pollution by orders of magnitude.
LiVET Switzerland
We offer rapid and reliable on-site diagnosis ofinfectious diseases in animals. Our products allow for adequate and immediate treatment, reducing uncertainity and stress for the patient and its owner as well as reducing the unspecific use of antibiotics.
Lumendo Switzerland
Light-activated medical implants
Lymphatica has developed and patented an innovative implantable micro-pump system to improves tremendously the quality of life of millions of people suffering from chronic lymphedema. Lymphedema is a disease causing chronic swelling of a limb, affecting 10 million people in Europe and U.S., 150 million worldwide, representing a multi-billion dollar market. The standard treatment today is recurrent manual drainage (massage) and compression, involving a loss of quality of life and significant recurrent costs. Our device, called LymphoDrain, continuously performs an automatic internal lymph drainage, thanks to a special subcutaneous catheter system and an implantable micro-pump: no more massage needed, no more compression garments, no more loss of quality of life.
"With first-of-a-kind Precognition Machines, Massive Analytic reduces decision outcome uncertainty for businesses, markets and economies. Applying advanced mathematics and unique algorithms, Massive Analytic’s patented technologies lowers prediction costs by automating the processes of monetising insights from Big Data, improving confidence and machine control precision.”
Megaverse Switzerland
Megaverse is a cloud-based platform that focuses on corporate cybersecurity training. Our interactive, immersive 3D simulations cover a wide range of topics, from password management to phishing and social engineering. Scenarios are updated regularly, as technologies evolve and new threats emerge. Our goal is to raise employee awareness and reactivity to cyberthreats and, through our real-time analysis and reporting tools, allow companies to better optimize their cybersecurity strategies.
Microcaps offers a novel technology for the production of microparticles and microcapsules used to protect pharmaceutical agents in drugs or fragrances in cosmetic products. With our technology you can achieve high throughput and precise size control at industrial volumes.
MyndPlay Ltd United Kingdom
MyndPlay are a UK based company with a passion for the Mind and Tech; creators of the VR ready MyndBand EEG Brainwave headset and the MyndPlayer interactive mind controlled video platform which allows users to control and interact with video games, apps and movies using only their mind and emotions. Grounded in brain research the MyndPlay platform was created to empower users to train their brains to improve attention, meditation skills, and the ability to overcome mental obstacles through entertainment, simulations and guided training applications. MyndPlay also provide a range of bespoke development services and have delivered a number of award winning campaigns and activations for major brands and agencies.
Neteera has developed a sensing platform which enables precise monitoring of vital signs from distance through the clothing while being reliable under motion. This is the core need for connected health and long-term monitoring. Our solution is so robust that the automotive industry is using it as a Driver Monitoring System. Neteera’s sensing technology is able to understand health, stress, heart condition, and attention by picking up the micron-level vibrations from the skin to extract from them 4 major vital-signs metrics: Heart-Rate, Respiration-Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Respiration Amplitude (other metrics such as blood pressure and body temperature are in development). This enables us to answer the growing needs for remote wellbeing monitoring in two major markets: Healthcare and Automotive. In the Healthcare industry, Neteera’s major applications are: remote monitoring of patients in the hospital or at home, elderly care, and baby monitoring . Since Neteera’s does not use a camera, our solution does not infringe on privacy which makes it ideal for seamless and long-term wellbeing monitoring at home and at any other location. In the Automotive industry, Neteera’s technology enables to seamlessly monitoring the driver’s fatigue and awareness levels (EuroNCAP 2020), to prevent from children to be left in the vehicle unattended (EuroNCAP 2022), and to monitor the passenger’s comfort levels which increases customer engagement and experience. Uniquely, Neteera can provide accurate measurement in real-world, vibration-rich, environments such as when the person is moving, speaking, chewing, and etc. which is a great challenge since external vibrations mask the signal. Neteera solved this challenge by introducing Motion-Compensation Algorithms which enable us to collect the vital-signs data without the external "noise" coming from the environment.
NIB biotec srl is focused oh the development of low cost bio-sensors for medical use. The company has patent on urinary molecules as biomarkers for prostate cancer. The prototyping of a lateral-flow device to detect these molecules is actually ongoing. This device would represent a new screening test for prostate cancer.
NODR Switzerland
NODR is the decentralized CDN for booming online video streaming industry that uses idle bandwidth of millions of devices and rewards them in cryptocurrency - https://nodr.io/ NODR is the project of the Teleport Global AG, the revenue generating company that provides P2P CDN for online TV and video-on-demand services - https://teleport.media/ Customers pay Teleport $2-$5 per Terabyte of traffic delivered through P2P CDN, much lower than $10-$100 per Terabyte provided by a traditional CDN. Besides the cost savings, P2P CDN allows broadcasters to keep the high quality of streaming even during major events like a football match, prime-time TV show etc. NODR application is designed for devices like home and office computers, notebooks, and set-top boxes that will work as the traffic source for the P2P CDN to drastically increase its performance.
Northfork is a B2B2C company, obsessed with the consumers experience of buying groceries online. This approach has helped us create shopper value that fit grocery retailers situation in the transitions from physical store to online. Northfork combine any number of recipes and its ingredients to an optimized shopping list and connect it to the inventory at the retailers connected stores, on the retailers own platform.
noul Switzerland
Noul was established three years ago in Korea with an aim to shift paradigm of diagnostic trend from central hospitals to local hospitals. Its regional office in Europe was established in Basel, Switzerland, this year. The company has developed a fully automated optical diagnostic device which enables blood slide preparation by smearing and staining, image captures by digital microscopy and their analysis by AI. Now it is focused on malaria diagnosis and later on business scope will be expanded to other hematology assays regarding CBC, blood cancer and HIV/AIDS and to pathology assays regarding various cancers.
Digital health startup focused on precision nutrition.
Software development company working on building SaaS platform to make hybrid cloud costs manageable for business.
Okomo is a sales and service communication software. It easily integrates an elegant live messaging, voice, video and appointment scheduling solution directly into online channels such as websites, emails, newsletters and social media boosting sales conversion and customer satisfaction for service-driven businesses and organizations. The Switzerland-based SaaS start-up is now seeking a seed investment to automate the latest product features, grow its paying customer base through a sales and marketing push and to expand the team.
There is an unprecedented amount of phenomenal content on the internet. But it is scattered across many places, really hard to find and impossible to choose from. Leveraging machine learning and ultra intuitive user experience, OMNE makes watching awesome, personalized internet content as effortless as watching TV.
Omnidermal Biomedics is developing medical devices powered by Artificial Intelligence for the assessment and monitoring of dermatological patologies. The first product, already certified and clinically tested, is named Wound Viewer and is the only device capable of automatically analyze all the parameters of cutaneous wounds in order to support, even remotely, the specialist in improving the healing and reducing the risk of complications to wounds patients.
Microorganisms influence our quality of life in various ways - positive and negative. In order to manage microorganisms either to maximize benefits or to fence off adverse effect, we need to keep a close eye on them. onCyt Microbiology offers a flexible technology platform and industry-leading know how on fully automated online monitoring for microorganisms in drinking water, biotechnology, industrial processes and many more. We finally bring microbial monitoring from ancient, slow, and inaccurate detection methods to a future-proof real-time sensor approach.
Orca AG Switzerland
Orca is a collaboration suite for family offices, foundations & trusts. Securely and intuitively centralise all your key information. Share it with those who need access whilst maintaining complete control over your data. Monitor who is doing what for you when.
Every day, we flush down the toilet valuable physiological and medical information that can save our lives. OutSense's goal is to extract, analyse and communicate the vital information embodied in our excretions. For the first time in human history, OutSense will allow people to have their excretions scanned automatically and immediately receive actionable insights based on the underlying chemical and physical composition. This will offer new ways to improve: • Healthcare - Early detection of colorectal cancer and management of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Crohn’s disease and Colitis. • Wellness - Personalize nutrition, identify food sensitives and avoid elderly dehydration. OutSense technology is based on unique hardware - an optical sensor that enables the collection of spatial and spectral information - and software including an innovative algorithm. The sensor and software communicate over a secured cloud platform, with a compatible mobile device application. Our technological innovation is mainly in image analysis and the use of AI on big-data acquired by the proprietary optical system, which enables the detection of biomarkers in a scattering medium. We have developed prototypes that have undergone successful laboratory experiments and clinical testing by us and by third party labs. To commercialize the product, we intend to reduce the sensor’s size, COGS and energy consumption. We will also develop the cloud platform that enables the tagging and storing of a big data captured by the sensor and update the user interface for the mobile application. Lastly, we will refine of our image analysis algorithms and develop new algorithms for new biomarkers, which will provide additional value to the user, such as: alerting elderly patients on dehydration for aging@home, biofeedback on digestion and absorption quality, and pinpointing food sensitivities. Such a complete system will be mature for marketing with the receipt of regulatory approvals required for marketing as medical instruments.
Oxara technology transform excavation waste into low-cost and low-CO2 cement-free concrete.
Oxygen at Work turns indoor environments into healthy spaces for human beings. Using plants as a natural and sustainable solution we improve air quality in large office spaces leveraging the benefits of big data. Like this we improve the physical and mental health of office workers and reduce sick-leave absences. Moreover, we are able to significantly reduce the usage of HVAC systems in buildings which in turn leads to large energy and CO2 savings. Current estimations are at 25% savings in energy consumption due to optimization of HVAC systems.
Next Generation Data, Consumer Engagement and Analytics Péarlaí gives retailers and retail destinations real time tracking through smart ID’s of individual customer journeys through their physical stores, shopping centres, streets, towns and cities, enabling highly targeted, relevant and timely promotional and rewarding capabilities. The platform is fully scalable for multi locations to deliver group loyalty and measurability, resulting in increased footfall, dwell time and consumer spending.   Consumer behaviour analytics for retailers Through deep analytical data processing of the customer journey, retailers will be able to more accurately and reliably predict shopping behaviours, recognise patterns and target specific products and services directly to individual shoppers. Péarlaí’s patented technology offers retailers for the first time a GDPR compliant platform that delivers 100% measurable results and a return on marketing investment previously unachievable and unmeasurable. The Péarlaí platform provides landlords with unparalleled data on when their shoppers arrive, where they go, how long they dwell in specific areas, number of messages/offers delivered with conversion rates. This information is broken down with the full demographic details Péarlaí hold on individual shoppers. - Name, D.O.B, gender, post code, employment status, marital status, household income and the number of children.
MobiForecast is an A.I. based analytics platform. It utilizes available data to prevent part failures, predict production maintenance, and reduce maintenance costs.
Planted creates tasty ‘meat’ directly from plants - and skips the animal. Our plant-based meat is sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free.
Protecturo AG is developing a new therapy to prevent Urinary tract infections (UTI). UTIs are the second most common type of infection to occur in the human body. More than 100 million persons are fighting with regular infections, leading to 10 billion USD health care costs and 200’000 deaths world-wide. Next to few preventive not really working measures such as cranberry juice, there is only one treatment for UTI which urologists can prescribe: antibiotics. 15% of antibiotics community prescribed antibiotics are used to fight UTI with the know problem of antibiotic resistance build up. Science has identified one common path of infection: bacteria accumulate in the urethra from where they migrate into the bladder and cause the disease. Together with urology experts and university labs, Protecturo is developing a patent protected medical device which can be used by the patients to disinfect their urethra regularly and thus massively reducing the probability to get UTI. Protecturo stands out as a promising company, staffed by a dedicated team of highly experienced managers in the field of medical devices and urology. The company has been awarded public funding by Innosuisse of CHF 600’000 in 2018 and has reached the technical milestones set. Two fast acting antibacterial coatings are developed. Now the company is seeking an investment of CHF 0.8 million to achieve its next milestone: prove of concept in an in vivo-model.
We build a data-driven deal sourcing engine for VC investors to find the next unicorn! We bring the power of AI to venture investing – helping VCs make the right decisions and find startups few other investors can see by: - Increasing the investor deal flow efficiency (Deal Flow Screening) - Making better investment decisions (Due Diligence Support System) - Discovering the best startups earlier (Startup Discovery Engine)
Today, skin grafting is done mainly by surgeons in hospital operating rooms, and require the mastery of a reusable tool called dermatome. We want to democratize skin grafting by making the skin-harvesting process on the donor site part as easy as possible, and enable any doctor to do it. We are developing a new single-use medical device to take precise, small split-thickness skin grafts (STGS) quickly and much simpler compared to existing techniques. It will take only one minute to harvest the skin by placing the device on the donor site and pressing a button.
RetailQuant is the customer analytics solution that helps physical retailers and brands understand who their offline customers are, when they shop and what products they like. It does so by using its proprietary sensor and analytics engine which automatically capture and interpret real life customer information (age, gender, ethnicity, satisfaction, eye movement, rate of return) at scale. The sensors are placed at the check-out counter and can be extended to special points of interest like shopping windows, special shelves or promotional fixtures. The gathered knowledge is then matched with each customer’s shopping receipt and processed into insights on customer group behavior, needs and preferences. The findings and customized dashboards ultimately help save costs and increase revenue when making important operational and marketing decisions.
Rigi Technologies revolutionizes healthcare logistics through fast and efficient delivery drones. Our drone-based delivery technology is designed around sustainability, universal communication and safety and cost-effective operations.
Runvido has developed a mobile app to help business customers communicate with their audience more effectively using AR technology allowing to cut resources spent on printed materials even by 70%. Runvido solves the problem of limited information transfer which happens in case of images available in public space. Thanks to Runvido we can expand the content - show, tell, present more on the same graphic item and help end-user in decision to purchase our business partner's product. We have managed to change every static image into a receiver which will play the video assigned to the given image - the images are not limited with its content any more. Moreover, our technology may contribute to saving the trees harvested for paper around the world – wide implementation will lead to decreasing demand for paper.
Select Research are world leaders in 3D body measurement. Collaborating with Mayo Clinic and the British Medical Research Council we have created the Body Volume Indicator (BVI). BVI is the only technology in the world to calculate visceral fat from a mobile phone, using 3D scanning AI technology to capture a scan of the body in just a few seconds. We have received UK government and EU H2020 funding to develop BVI, and now have the support of the World Health Organisation for our revolutionary technology.
Selma.ai implements its self-service analytics tool for retail to surf the wave of data-informed decision making.
Sevensense empowers mobile robots to move into crowded and fast-changing spaces and enables them to support humans. By applying Sevensense’s products, manufacturers can enable their machines to safely and autonomously navigate in dynamic spaces shared with humans, in- and outdoors. In doing so, the mobile robots can support humans in a broad range of dirty, dangerous and dull tasks while boosting operational efficiency. This way Sevensense can work towards making human workplaces more interesting, safe, and efficient thanks to the assistance of robots powered with their technology
Signifikant solves the fundamental advertiser problem of “not knowing the effectiveness of media investments”. Hence, the innovation brings well-desired efficiency opportunities to a global market of 640bn USD and 30bn USD within Switzerland & Germany, the current geographical focus.
Sleepiz is a Zurich-based medtech-startup that saves time for physicians and improves the comfort in sleep diagnostics for patients. Therefore, Sleepiz is developing its own hardware and software to diagnose sleep disorders in a contactless and medically accurate manner at home.
SPECTYOU - multitool for theatre professionals - watch theatre pieces, get information and build up your own network.
Splitty Pay is an innovative payment platform that allows people to pay online purchases splitting the amount on multiple cards. Our B2B2C web based software solution makes easier the payment phase for the buyer and on the other hand boosts sales for the merchant. Doing so we are able to reduce two negative KPIs for the seller: cart abandonment rate and percentage of transaction failed.
my company star4hire creates and optimises the sustainable people development by harnessing the data through blockchain technology, to help millions of people get their dream job, thousands of company in attracting and retaining the best talent, and give the technology solution to school communities to solve the huge gap between the education and the industry needs. With 500 millions of productive age population in asia, 10 million companies, and million of college and academies we are becoming the most promising start-up company.
Berlin-based company store2be is the leading marketer of promotion, pop-up and event spaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offering about 3,500 locations in its portfolio. Founded in 2015, the company is helping agencies and brands book the right live marketing locations in shopping centers, airports, train stations, public spaces and retail stores. With Event Analytics, store2be offers a WiFi-based technology to measure performance metrics at live marketing events. By analyzing reach, customer visits, interactions and dwell times, store2be is making live marketing measurable for the first time. For space owners, store2be has developed a software solution that enables the digital commercialization and management of available promotional spaces.
Surfly Netherlands
You probably agree that the ability to connect and collaborate is more important than ever. Many companies are not prepared for this current reality, and are rushing to find solutions to empower their remote teams. Surfly is well positioned to help agents and advisors to adapt to the 'new normal', build online relationships, sell remotely and ensure business continuity in these difficult times - by easily and instantly upgrading existing voice, chat, chatbot, email, sms interactions to remarkable in person online experiences - wherever they are. We are a universal co-browsing and videochat solution that empowers 100,000 advisors within leading brands (e.g. Sparkasse, Die Mobiliar, Migros Bank, Kantonalbank, Inter, Wüstenrot, Generali, Swiss Life, New York Life, AAA, NN, APG, Standard Bank, Luware, DXC, Accenture, Cisco, SAS, Vodafone, Government + more) in over 50 countries around the world to personalise experiences, drive sales, enhance operational efficiency and exceed customer expectations.
Data is the new gold and growing exponentially, but managing this data incurs high capex and opex costs. 5% of the world's energy production (equal to 50 modern nuclear power plants) are used to run data centers. Swiss Vault makes data management system that are 200X space and 100X energy efficient, compared to conventional systems, and decreases the data-carbon footprint for a positive climate impact. We are now deploying these systems in Blockchain-smart contracts to enable a global, secure, decentralized data sharing economy.
We are transforming food safety: we help everyone involved in processing food, from the farmer/food processor to the shop-keeper/restaurant manager, to deliver safe food to the consumer. Our technology confirms the presence of any desired element and identifies the presence of unwanted elements: it then formally certifies the presence or absence of the target element, be it a pathogen or a particular DNA profile. It does this in real time, on-site, without the need for specialist employees: our solution then issues ISO certificates rapidly and locally, removing a major delay in today’s processing of food, facilitating the delivery of fresher food to the consumer, reducing the need to hold inventory at each stage of the process, building trust along the supply chain and facilitating pinpoint traceability, if any issue arises. Some potentially very attractive side-effects are our ability: to collect data along the supply chain to help build consumer confidence in the food they are consuming, to support sustainability initiatives and to reduce food waste: with our technology, our customers can improve their yield, the effectiveness of their products, reduce their costs and preserve/enhance their brand equity.
Synendos Therapeutics AG is a young startup company incorporated in April 2019 as a spin-off of the University of Bern. At Synendos, we develop breakthrough safe and effective therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders through the modulation of a new drug target that enables restoration of natural functioning of the brain. The major problem is lack of innovation (last drug with new mechanism of action approved over 20 years ago) and lack of safe and effective drugs for neuropsychiatric disorders, which represent still one of the highest unmet medical needs in human medicine. Synendos develops an innovative approach based upon first-in-class inhibitors which target a new drug target. The inhibitors were designed and developed win collaboration with med chem CRO and the preclinical drug candidate was selected at the end of 2018. The USP is an innovative mechanism of action that enables restoration of the natural function of the brain by acting on the major neuromodulator system in our brain, the endocannabinoid system. Our inhibitors have a potential superior profile in terms of safety and efficacy as compared to current drugs. Moreover, we also identified a potential biomarker to select patients and follow treatment outcome in clinics. Our inhibitors are cover by solid IP, two patent families covering the composition of matter and the medical use. Our first disease indication is PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) based on the optimal balance between scientific rationale, unmet need and commercial opportunity. PTSD has a 3.9% lifetime prevalence worldwide with 15 million patients only in EU/US. The market has been estimated to reach 10.5Bn in 2026 with a CARG of 4.5%. In order to de-risk our clinical programme, we identified a small and homogenous disease indication to achieve a fast and cost-effective clinical proof-of-concept (phase Ib). Synendos was successful in winning BaseLaunch competition in December 2018 providing 250’000 CHF as non dilutive grant. Synendos is currently fundraising 5 Mio CHF to complete the preclinical development (end of 2020) or 20 Mio CHF to reach the first clinical inflection point (Phase Ib).
TERAPET, a CERN start-up, develops and commercializes innovative solutions for a safer, more precise and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment. Proton therapy has the potential to target cancer cells with a very high precision. Our solution enables medical doctors for the first time to monitor the delivered proton dose inside the patients during cancer treatment in real time in order to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles: ensuring that every patient receives the right dose, every time.
We manufacture sustainable animal feed ingredients with insects reared on food waste.
We provide cold freezer solution for preserving food at a cold temperature for 100 hours without electricity. Reducing food waste and increasing food access and food security. Our technology also applicable to the medical industry.
Unifi.id seamlessly delivers movement intelligence that identifies all occupants in buildings, enabling automated alerts. Our focus is on high-rise buildings, universities and hospitality sectors. The core detection mechanism is our proprietary long-range RFID Smart-cards. Our software solutions give building managers unprecedented reporting on all aspects of building occupancy. But it is our digital fire evacuation solutions that enable emergency services to have a 3D real-time "x-ray" of a buildings as it evacuates that will save lives. Addition benefits lead to increased security, decreasing running costs and better facility management. We deliver the only seamless solutions which enable buildings to be smarter.
The Original Smart Health initiative Media for Vein Problems from Indonesia. The Health Startup focus on Social Impact level of Funding to enlarge the Improve Health Access Impact for People suffered from Varicose Veins, that is about 44 Millions people in estimated.
VivacSo is a startup arising from the misfortune of an experimental neurologist who, after a car accident, suddenly found himself with a great deal of neurological problems. With great surprise he discovered that while in other sectors science is making giant strides, others do not at all attract the interest of researchers, and consequently not even of industry. The latter remained anchored to the last century. Ópponent, in the Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs) sector, is the first brilliant example of this process of updating AFOs to this century: they were all for the falling foot (today rare), while Ópponent, thanks to medical researchers, engineers, experts in composite fibers, designers, is the first suitable for spastic foot (very frequent). Already absolutely avant-garde as it is, it represents a suitable starting point to be further engineered by a team of bioengineers.
Vlot AG Switzerland
Missioned by the goal to bridge the gap between insurance and technology, vlot leverages cutting edge APIs and alogrithims to offer life risk insurance solutions that harmoniously fit changing life situations. Today, vlot has developed a B2B2C platform solution, offering access to a custom-tailored life risk analysis and flexible life insurance products. We orchestrate this through our 3 pillars: (1) Analysis - assess and visualize risk coverage for possible gaps, (2) Coverage - enhance converage to close any unidentified gap, (3) Life planning - update life parameters to optimize and adjust coverage.
Whole Surplus is a B2B Surplus Management System that enables companies to sell, donate or recycle their surplus in a financially and socially matched benefit so that secures circular economy. Main focus is on food surplus but also manages stationary, textiles, paper as well. Food Banks, Recyclers, Reseller are in the platform and source surplus in a recurring way with traceable infrastructure and reporting through the platform.
Wiserfunding United Kingdom
London-based FinTech company specialised in assessing the credit risk of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Through our online platform, we allow businesses looking to obtain finance or lenders and insurers looking to assess the risk of business applicants to get more accurate data to make better decisions quicker than ever before.

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